Mystic Romance Diffuser 65570
Mystic Romance Diffuser 65570

Mystic Romance Diffuser 65570

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This is a Folding diffuser, that combines the portable and the aromatherapy in one, one of the advantages of this diffuser is that you can take it everywhere, since it is foldable it does not take up much space and it has a USB connection.

Something very important about this diffuser is that it is anti-spill, so it doesn't matter if you turn it over or place it upside down, the water will not spill.

The best of all is that with this promotion you can get two of these Diffusers.

Size: 116.5*115*59mm 116.5*115*32mm(Folding) Rated
Rated power: 2.5w
Material: ABS+Food grade silicone
Color: White Wood grain
Capacity: 200ml
Weight: 230g
Working time: 4 hours